NexusFile – An Alternative to Windows Explorer

Learning file management on your computer, to me, is a “must learn” function. It not only teaches you how to organize and manage your files (and folders); it also teaches you about the Windows hierarchy design and pathing schemes. Learn file management and it all starts making sense.

If you are into file management you will soon learn that Windows Explorer is not a premier file manager. I sometimes think Microsoft should take some lessons on file management themselves and start thinking more from the user’s level. Windows Explorer is basically a flat file manager that lacks dual pane functionality and ready access to tools needed for file management tasks. Years ago, in the DOS days, a good file manager app was a necessity (from a tech standpoint) in order to accomplish specific tasks.

Thankfully, software developers have come to the rescue and are actively developing alternatives to using Windows Explorer. For example, I am an avid user of QDir; however, another option that recently crossed my plate, that I am currently toying with, is called NexusFile.


The “cool factor” to this file manager is the (default) appearance. The appearance is a black background with colorful text, which to some may be a turn off. As I continued to toy around with NexusFile, the more I enjoyed it. It is fast, provides dual pane functionality, tabbed browsing, is easy to read, has built in FTP, numerous tools (such as split/join files, compare folders, disk cleanup, add comments, change attributes, etc.) and is available as a portable app. The more you use it, the more it grows on you! As a matter of fact it is apps like this, that are a little different, that draws me right in. The only issue I experienced, thus far, was that I was unable to launch the app on a PC where I did not have administrative rights.  If you want to give NexusFile a spin, you can get it [ HERE ] .

Some Features of NexusFile:

Basic Functions: Copy/Move To, Copy/Cut/Past, Delete/Shred, Rename, Change Attributes/Time

Advanced Rename: Rename multiple files at once with many powerful options

Navigate Folders: Favorite Folders, Working Folders, Tabs, Smart Address Bar

Dual Panels: Open two folders at once.

Archives: manages ZIP, ARJ, RAR, ACE archive files

FTP: basic FTP functions

File Join/Split: Split large file into many small files or Join small files into a large file. Merge several text files into a file.

Save File List: Save file/folder list with many formats

Shortcuts: Most functions has a Keyboard shortcut so you can do everything fast.

Multi-language: Multi-language supports with language files.

Skin: you can change the look of a program.

Disk Cleanup: Empty RecycleBin, Delete temporary files, …

Compare Folders: compare two folders

Unicode: Unicode file name supported

And many other useful functions with easy interface.


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5 thoughts on “NexusFile – An Alternative to Windows Explorer

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  1. Rick,

    The first MS Explorer I recall, was the version that shipped with DOS 4. In all the time since, it’s hardly improved – it still sucks!

    I find it hard to understand, that even in Win 7, I had to add additional functionality by installing 3rd party apps.

    Good call on this app – look very promising.



  2. Bill,

    This app, does indeed looks promising! Will be using (testing)it on a regular basis. Took me awhile to get used to the color scheme, but I’m getting its’ purpose (which ultimately makes sense).



    1. Poch,

      QDir is excellent… NexusFile; I am testing and so far is awesome. The black background and with the colorful fonts actually do serve a purpose. Not for sure if there is a way to turn the black background “off” or not. NexusFile does have more options (if you really need that).



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