NEW Google Chrome Extension called START

UPDATE: The Chrome Extension, called Fabulous New Tab, is now called Start.  The developer, as a result of the evolution of this extension, opted to change the name.  It is an awesome extension.  Be sure to check it out [ HERE ] .

Recently I posted a review about the Google Chrome extension called Bookmarks Browser and Fabulous New Tab. The developer of Bookmarks Browser and Fabulous New Tab has enhanced (or evolved) this extension into another fantastic extension called Start (an easy to use, flexible start page).

Here’s how it works… After you install “Start” (in Google Chrome) and you open a new tab, your saved bookmarks and toolbar favorites are conveniently available to you in a very attractive (easy to use) interface. At this point you can select the site you desire to open and voila’ it will open in that tab. This extension not only makes access to your bookmarks readily available in an otherwise blank (new) tab, it also allows you to open the bookmarked site in the same tab. A very nice and well thought out application…

If you are a Google Chrome user, you can get this NEW Chrome browser extension  [ HERE ] .


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6 thoughts on “NEW Google Chrome Extension called START

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    1. Doug,

      Yes, any extension that is using the “new tab” will most likely be overwritten. Many other note programs out there…. I will be doing a post on really nice note program, very soon.

      Thanks for visiting…



  1. Doug, yes, that is actually the point of a “new tab” extension. That is – you agree that your “new tab” will get different, and either you want that or you don’t. So it’s simple: if you don’t want changes in your new tab, you don’t want to install any “new tab” or “speed dial” or any other similar extension 🙂

    You have to be a little adventurous to use extensions anyway, I guess…

    BTW, one of my favorite extensions is “Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer (by Google)” and another is URL shortener.


  2. I still like the “recently closed” list on traditional new tab. It would be cool if you can add it in Start. And Chrome is releasing Web Apps soon. Where are you gonna put that?


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