Tech-for Everyone: WinPatrol Plus License Giveaway

I do not know how TechPaul, at Tech-for Everyone, is doing this… Giveaway after giveaway… This week you need to visit his site for a chance to win a WinPatrol Plus License Giveaway. Simply click [ HERE ] to preview the article about WinPatrol Plus; then, leave a comment to say hello to TechPaul and that you are interested in entering the contest. The contest ends June 18th at midnight.

Folks, WinPatrol is awesome software that helps protect you from the nasties on the internet that can hit your PC at the machine level. The WinPatrol dog, Scotty, will bark to alert you when there is a potential intrusion. I have been using this software for years and I highly, highly recommend it. You can read more about WinPatrol [ HERE ] .


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6 thoughts on “Tech-for Everyone: WinPatrol Plus License Giveaway

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  1. Thank you Rick. Your readers are always welcome at my humble site.

    You know, I don’t understand why more software vendors don’t take advantage of the tech blog (though, there’s tens of thousands of us, with thousands of newbies popping up each month).. IMHO, donating a few licenses is a Win-Win-Win idea.


  2. Rick,

    We already ARE free advertisers for software companies; we don’t have to offer free licenses to make that a reality.

    Every review we write, is free advertising. Every recommendation we make, puts money into the pockets of software developers. Show me another industry where that’s the case.

    Frankly, I’ve stopped dealing with free licenses on my site, since these offers have had no impact on my long term readership growth. Free licenses just drove in the “freebie seekers”, on a one time basis.

    Recent offers from software developers to feature free licenses, which I have turned down, have been met with disbelief from the developers.

    I just don’t see this as a win – win situation. In my view, it’s much more work than it’s worth. Unless there’s a quid pro quo from the author, I have no interest in a one sided deal.



  3. Rick,

    I get lots of offers, but I’m tired of doing work, for no gain. My “just say, NO” position, has been surprisingly rewarding.

    I’ve got 3 requests for reviews in my in-box right now, for example, and each one includes a worthwhile personal incentive.

    A piece of advice – if a larger security developer requests that you review their software, insist that you be put on their “insiders” News Release list.

    You then have access to upcoming information at the same time as the biggies, like CNET, TechRepublic, etc. This helps level the playing field.

    As I said in my post today, in another context, (WordPress’ huge new focus on adds) – if you work for nothing, you’ll never be out of a job!



    1. Bill,

      Thank you very much for this advice… I learn something from you everyday and to me this information you have related to us is “insider’s information” in itself. You are definitely a genius at all of this. Very impressive!



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