An Easy and Sexy Way to Send Big Files to Everyone

There are those occasions where sending large files via email just does not cut it.  As a matter of fact many ISP providers will limit file sizes when it comes to email attachments to prevent bogging down the servers.

One solution that I have been using that does not require any special software or an account registration (or log in) is a cloud based service called WeTransfer .


With WeTransfer you can send up to a 2 GB file and while the transfer is taking place you are entertained with an ever changing and mesmerizing background. As a matter of fact, WeTransfer is labelled as one of the sexiest file transfer services around. Your transferred file will remain on their server for a period of 2 weeks and after that 2 weeks it is permanently deleted. You can send up to 20 people per session. When you send a file, the recipient will receive an email of where to download the file; and, you the sender of the file will receive an email when the recipient has completed the download. According to the site, all emails and files are private; however, if you do have concern I suggest encrypting the file.

WeTransfer your videos, music, photo albums or documents to friends and colleagues. We support all filetypes.

Like its competitors, the company relies on advertising for revenues. But instead of running questionable banner ads, WeTransfer sells wallpaper advertising—those pretty pictures in the background. Since WeTransfer’s own interface is minimal, that leaves a lot of space for a sponsor’s brand.


So if you are in a pinch and need to send a large file, WeTransfer is a good one to try!


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7 thoughts on “An Easy and Sexy Way to Send Big Files to Everyone

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  1. I use it often! I like that it is so simple to use.

    I have run into instances when WeTransfer is down though. When it is, I use FileDropper ( It’s nice because it has 5gb limit which is great if you have a pile of music or video files you want to send someone.

    I like WeTransfer best and only use FileDropper as a backup plan.


    1. G,

      Thank you for your input on WeTransfer. I am new to using this service; and, so far really like it. The “down time” that you mention; hopefully they will continue to improve and make the service better. I can’t remember if I every used FileDropper; however, will check it out.

      Again, Thank You!



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