An AWESOME Wallpaper Site

As a result of posting a recent article about “FREE High Resolution Wallpapers”, I was introduced to a fellow WordPress blogger that specializes in nothing but Wallpaper Backgrounds. The blog is called, you got it, Awesome Wallpapers. Now here is the “cool factors” about Awesome Wallpapers.  The site owner loves collecting wallpapers (has about 14000 of them) and; get this, the site owner has been engaged in computers for approximately 8 years and is a young whipper snapper (14 to 15 years old).  The blog also specializes in Firefox Addons, Sites & Software, and Wallpaper Utilities.

Awesome Wallpapers

As a result of being impressed with Awesome Wallpapers, and the professional attitude of this young whipper snapper, I subsequently contacted the him and managed a link exchange. Awesome Wallpapers has become the newest additon to the What’s On My PC blogroll (at the right side of the blog). Welcome aboard!


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2 thoughts on “An AWESOME Wallpaper Site

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  1. Benjamin,

    You are very welcome. You are well deserving of this attention. Like you, I need to update my “About” section, as well. Keep up the great work and welcome to What’s On My PC…



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