Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#65)

Spend some of your hot summer day, in the cool, reading Geek Squeaks’. If you have an interest in computers and information technology or you just want to learn something NEW, then these sites is where it is at.

Geek Squeaks'

Tech-for Everyone
Software Giveaway Drawing(s) – Oops!Backup

TuneUp Blog about Windows
Improve Your PC’s Performance with ReadyBoost

Use GOOG-411 and Skype to Call Any U.S.
or Canadian Business for Free
FeedDemon and Google Reader – best feed reading ever?

Windows XP zero-day under attack;
Use Microsofts “fix-it” workaround

Free PC Security
Wondershare Time Freeze – FREE Virtualization

Mister Reiner
When it comes to computer security, people are being brainwashed

Apple iPhone 4 Start to Preorder

Canadian Tech Blogger
200,000,000 Posts… and Counting (via News)

thePC Security
Internet Traffic Monitoring Freeware Tool – iTraffic Monitor

Right On Technology
New Mac Mini Includes Do It Yourself Memory Upgrades

Bill Mullins’ Weblog – Tech Thoughts
Access Denied in Windows 7? –
Download Free TOwnership (Take Ownership)

Confessions of a Freeware Junkie
Sorry about all the layout changes

Plato On-Line
Is There an Internet Conspirancy Scam?
How to Remove Windows Registration Checker

Carol’s Vault
Microsoft unveils its new Xbox and Kinect cam

AKS-Feel The Change
Win A Free Copy of WinX Product Every Week

ClipboardFusion: Free Alternative Clipboard Manager

Laptop Reviews Central
Ben Heckendorn introduces blue PS3 Slim laptop

Paul’s Home Computing Blog
In The News – Report: US lacks staff, power to protect networks

Netbook Freeware
Soluto: Make Your Windows Netbook Boot Faster

I Love Free Software
4 Free Alternatives to Dropbox

Worthy Tips
Get Article Ideas using Google

404 Tech Support
Google’s Terms of Service = Not Safe For Work?

TTC Shelbyville
Publish Your Blog as an ePub

My Technology Guide
Windows 2000, Windows XP SP2 Support Ends July 2010

Awesome Wallpapers
VladStudio Wallpaper Set 7

What’s On My PC
Send Text Message from your Email to a Mobile Phone for FREE


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  1. I echo TechPaul’s words – the effort in compiling the weekly ‘squeaks’ is not an easy one but always full of interesting articles from superb writers, and most of all – something for everyone.

    Click and learn readers.


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