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When I am on other PC’s, other than my own, I like making observations of such things like how the person keeps their Windows desktop organized or what their home page is in their web browser. As a techie type person these simple observations act as a gauge and tell me a lot about the person or person(s) behind that computer.

I have found that a great majority of people when they get a new computer will very seldom change or mix-up their selection for their web browser homepage. They usually will have the home page set to their internet service provider’s web site thinking it is a requirement of the provider. Folks, far, far, far from the truth… You can set that homepage to whatever web site you desire. As a matter of fact, in any of the popular browsers, you can have an array of sites (more than one page) load when you start your browser. Folks, it is time to get out of that browser home page rut and start mixing it up…

How would you like to have a home page where you can add your own favorite sites and at the same time have access to categorized links (already configured for you) to the most popular sites on the internet?  It is possible by using AllMyFaves.  As a matter of fact, once you signup at AllMyFaves, add your own favorites, you can then share your page with your friends at your very own web link.


The last time I did a review on AllMyFaves, the option to add your own favorite sites, was not available. As a matter of fact, I was very excited to see this option. This tells me that the developers are listening to the users and bringing AllMyFaves to the cloud computing level (which is the future).


AllMyFaves is a free-for-all, comprehensive home page that offers an original approach to exploring the Internet. Instead of, say, typing a key search word into the text box of a search engine, AllMyFaves has already organized all the topics and information that are available on the web in a form of a list of categories and logos. This way, AllMyFaves is actually a simple and efficient visual directory of the Internet.

In addition to the option of adding your own favorite sites, you will see links to Weekly Faves and Weekly Games. The Weekly Faves are updated every Monday and the Weekly Games are updated every Wednesday.

Join AllMyFaves

AllMyFaves – What more could you ask for in a home page? To learn more about and sign up for this FREE service, I encourage you visit, AllMyFaves [ HERE ] . If you need a visual on how to add your own sites to your AllMyFaves home page, click [ HERE ] to watch the video.


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  1. This kind of application is one of the reasons I’m now using the Opera browser again.(10.60b) The Speed Dial feature is similar to this, although it’s not web based but is part of the browser. I love being able to just click on an icon and go right to that page without wading through my bookmarks. I’m going to go check out AllMyFaves though, sounds interesting. Thanks for the information.


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