CodySafe FREE – The Ultimate Portable Apps Menu

CodySafe Free If you are someone that carries their computer on a stick (flash drive), then you may want to take a look at CodySafe Free. I know there are many portable app menus and launchers available, but this one may be the most feature driven, nicest looking portable apps menu I have experienced thus far.

CodySafe Free

With CodySafe Free you can manage your portable apps in an easy and convenient way. The menu structure is completely configurable, plus with CodySafe Free there are popular portable apps available within the installation package that will install directly to your CodySafe drive.

CodySafe software allows you add free portable applications from the website. The installer specially designed for each application will install it directly on your portable drive, add the application to the menu, set the application category, organize it and allow one-click launching or automatic execution of the portable application.

Prominent features integrated into CodySafe Free are two security apps called ViruSense and DriveDoctor. ViruSense will detect and alert you if your Autorun.inf file has been modified, which in most cases is the evidence of virus activity. DriveDoctor will perform instant scanning of your drive for errors and runs periodical drive checks (scheduled tests) to keep your drive healthy.


  • Carry your favourite applications with you
  • Run applications on any PC with no need of installation
  • Leave no footprint on a host computer
  • Add, remove and manage portable apps with ease
  • Set custom command line arguments
  • Set applications Autorun
  • Set applications to run automatically
  • Create scripts that run before starting CodySafe
  • Set scripts to run upon exiting an application
  • Define Hot Keys for CodySafe functions
  • Make Hot Keys for launching your favorite applications
  • Compose Hot Keys for accessing your favorite websites

Completely FREE

CodySafe Free

Get It [ HERE ]

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9 thoughts on “CodySafe FREE – The Ultimate Portable Apps Menu

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  1. I can’t say enough about this program. I’ve tried the official Portable apps launcher, but it was a little to slow and didn’t have the ability to put programs into folders. CodySafe has that ability and more. I particularly like the “Aero Glass” integration for Windows 7/Vista.



  2. Thanks for the heads up on this app. May I ask, what programs to prefer to carry with you on your usb stick? Just curious.


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