New Additions to the What’s On My PC Blogroll

Just completed some link exchanges and would like to introduce the following blogs that have been added to the What’s On My PC blogroll and Launch Pad.

image I Want Ice Water – If you need a good laugh for the day, check this blog out.  It is not a tech blog; however, I decided here at What’s On My PC, we need to mix it up a little with a pinch of humor. The author of the blog is definitely someone like me. “They ain’t hitting on all cylinders!’”.  Great blog that you need to check out.

I Want Ice Water – Is a mixture of humor & seriousness that reflects my own personal philosophy of life. From growing up a poor, mixed-race kid in the 50s, 60s & 70s, to living as a depressed urban hermit in recovery, this is a collection of my pleas for reason & rationality in this global asylum. The Only Thing I’m Certain Of Is: I Don’t Know Everything!

All Of My Opinions Are Subject To Change As New Facts Come In.

Your Comments Will Always Be Welcomed.

Laptop Computer Reviews Laptop Computer Reviews – from Real Users – If you are in the market for a laptop or notebook computer, this blog is a nice place to start your research. Numerous reviews are provided for a variety of models. Appears the blog is in the initial stages of development, with software reviews in their future.  Will only get better!


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9 thoughts on “New Additions to the What’s On My PC Blogroll

Add yours

  1. Hey Rick, what a good move and a big surprise! Mak is one of my oldest (no pun) blogging buddies! A loyal and sensitive friend. Welcome to the club Mak. Thanks Rick!


      1. Oops… Mispelling on my comment to Pochp… I meant to say, “I am excited that Mak is NOW part of our circle”. Please accept my apology on that Mak.


  2. Pochp,

    You are right about that… Problem is, I’m like Mak. I love humor and a good laugh. It is like medicine and helps keep my wits about myself. I just sent Mak a personal apology for my spelling error. As I told Mak, goes to show that one letter in a sentence can change the whole meaning of things.



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