RANT: Why Do You Forward Chain Emails?

I do not know why, but chain email is a pet peeve of mine. I think it has something to do with trying to be honest with some semblance of intelligence mixed in. I will often return the chain email I receive to the sender, with a source pointing out the truth, with the hope that it educates the sender. I’ve probably lost some friends as a result; but, again I am just trying to be honest. I am not going to forward something to someone else without making sure it is FACTUAL, TRUTHFUL and HARMLESS.

If you are unable to identify a chain email, the first clue is when you open it, you will see hundreds of other peoples’ email addresses and usually the content of the email will tell you to send it to 10 or 20 people in your address book. Do not fall for any of this; read no further and simply hit DELETE…

Why chain email is a pet peeve of mine?

  • Chain email typically contain false information, and information that has no value whatsoever.
  • Chain email is engineered to sensationalize, damage reputations, incite fear and influence people into thinking the sky is falling.
  • Chain email, usually quite lengthy, is a waste of time to read when you could be exploring the good things on the internet and actually researching fact.
  • Chain email harvests your email address for spamming purposes.
  • Chain email can contain links that lead to malware infections on your PC.
  • Chain email has degraded the credibility of our email systems.
  • Chain email is simply poor email etiquette.

This is one nice thing about having a blog. You can rant about something and many people will read it. In closing, I would like to know “Why do you forward chain emails?”. I welcome advice, pros and cons, rants, raves, opinions, etc…


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9 thoughts on “RANT: Why Do You Forward Chain Emails?

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  1. Breathe.

    The trick is to breathe.

    Good deep “diaphragm expanders”.

    And – remember – when I include you on my forwards, it means I really care. Wouldn’t want you to feel left out.


    1. Capri,

      Don’t you just love those chain letters… Thanks for dropping by… Great site you all have going there on Christian Chain Letters. I especially like your quote, “Smash chain letters, don’t bash God! Fault the forwards, not the faith!”



  2. Rick,
    Sorry about the pain you’re experiencing re: the chain letters. However, I did think your rant was right on target…and hopefully, theraputic. Hope all turns out well.


  3. I agree, and do the same thing.

    You might want to add some fact-checking links to this post? I use Snopes a fair amount, but there are others including the section on About.com.

    I mostly use these sites if the email seems like it “could” be right, usually about health or safety issues, and I want to be sure my friend (usually a relative, actually!) is sending out truthful information. In fact I find that when they send something false, they will often send an apology to their list. And then they forward less!


    1. Chickpea,

      I actually do what you are suggesting and have written a couple of articles on that very topic. What amazes me is that I will send the facts back to the sender; yet, many times they still do not get it.

      Thank you for dropping by and commenting. Excellent comment!



  4. I have sent back every chain email nicely explaining why I will not forward. I still have one friend that sends them. Mostly its due to cowardice. They don’t want to offend the friend that sent it. But if you realize that your friend probably reluctantly sent it (and wasted about half an hour selecting 20 friends to send it to) then you might think twice about sending to your friends. Please, please think twice before hitting forward. I don’t care if its a recipe, prayer or just good wishes–its going in the trash.


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