Tech-for Everyone – Sandboxie Lifetime License Giveaway

TechPaul, at Tech-for Everyone, is running a (5)-five license giveaway (contest drawing) for the software package called Sandboxie. The “cool factor” here is that if you win one of the licenses for Sandboxie, it is for lifetime! To enter the contest, simply visit Tech-for Everyone [click here], scroll to the bottom of the page and leave a comment. Your name and email will be required in order for the license to be sent to you, should you win.


What the heck is Sandboxie?

Folks, I would not live without Sandboxie. With Sandboxie installed on your PC you can run applications, like your web browser, in an isolated “protected” space on your PC. For example, occasionally I will run my web browser (e.g. Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer) in Sandboxie. As a result, if I would happen to come in contact with any malware while on the internet, my PC would be protected because I was running my browser within Sandboxie.  Basically any application you run in the sandbox, stays in the sandbox. It is a great utility to have in place for testing software.

I had a friend recently who became obsessed with playing an online game on a site that he claimed was messing with his PC.  Of course I tried to tell him to move on; however, I knew that would not happen. Instead, I had him run his browser within Sandboxie.  Any malicious or suspicious content, from that point on, that was hitting his PC, remained in the Sandbox.

I’m telling you, from a tech and security standpoint, this is great software.  When I saw TechPaul’s post on this giveaway, I jumped right on it with the hope I would be lucky enough to get one of those lifetime licenses.

You can enter the contest for the Sandboxie License Giveaway [HERE] .


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