Are you in need of some inspiration?

One of the functions I serve in my Church is that of the Multimedia Director. I have proudly served in that capacity for over 6 years. One of the challenges I often face is locating content to be used with our projection system (such as movies, backgrounds, etc…). I have learned to use the vast resources on the internet to engineer the Sunday morning service presentations. Often, a challenge I face is making sure (or honestly trying to make sure) that I get permission to use copyrighted material.

Magnificent Recently the Pastor contacted me about video, called “Magnificent”, that he had found on the internet at a site called Andie’s Isle.  It was at this point I went to work.

Andie's Isle

I contacted Andie, at at Andie’s Isle, to determine if there was a downloadable version of the video available, since the video was embedded on the site; AND, if possible could I use it?  Andie graciously worked with me to provide the video.

Being the good blogger, the good geek and most importantly the good Christian; this gave me the opportunity to thank Andie, at Andie’s Isle, by making her site shine here at What’s On My PC

To my readers; take a few moments to visit Andie’s Isle. That few moments will definitely be an uplifting experience that will prompt you to visit again and again.


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  1. You seem to be doing a great job running your church multimedia. Thanks for sharing the link! Our church recently got a multimedia system, Vista Spyder, it has added so much to our services. It’s great how beneficial technology has become to something like a church service. Thanks again for sharing some of your inspiration, like Andie’s Isle.


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