FLIQLO – Flip Style Clock Screensaver

As long as I have been using the computer, I have always been fascinated with the various types of clocks that can be installed on the computer that are replications of real clocks.

Recently I came across another clock to add to my collection, called FLIQLO.


FLIQLO is the replication of the old flip style clocks and is installed on your PC, as a screensaver.

If you do not want it to be your screensaver, you can do what I do. Install FLIQLO, go into your screensaver settings and set your screensaver to none.  After that, search your PC for the file Fliqlo.scr, right click on the file Fliqlo.scr, select Send To on the menu, then select Desktop (create shortcut).  Once the shortcut appears on the desktop you can then start FLIQLO whenever you want to start it, by double clicking the shortcut.  I manually run all of my favorite clock screensavers this way via shortcuts I create.


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6 thoughts on “FLIQLO – Flip Style Clock Screensaver

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  1. Ha! Rick, you find the neatest stuff.

    I believe you said once, “if you can think it, it’s probably already on the Internet already” (or words to that effect). I’m not sure if I personally have any use for a ‘flip clock’, but it sure does prove the theorem!


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