A Powerful, but Easy to Use Media Converter

When I find it necessary to convert video and/or audio files from one file format to another, the media converter that I currently reach for is Oxelon Media Converter.


As with many of the media converters currently available, Oxelon has the ability to convert to/from many different formats [see here]; however, what causes me to reach for this converter are (2)-two factors:

Seamless integration with Explorer allows you to keep working with files as usual. You can right-click on the selected files, choose “Oxelon – Convert to Video” or “Oxelon – Convert to Audio” from the menu, and select the media format. In this way you can quickly launch Oxelon Media Converter with the specified files and with the defined destination format. After that, you just click “Conversion” and the process is started!

Oxelon Media Converter is one of the few video/audio encoding tools that can use four threads to take advantage of quad-core multi-processor systems. The great news is that you can adjust maximal amount of threads in the Settings. So, it is possible to take advantage of high-speed multi-conversion even on an eight-core system (and more).

The integration with Windows Explorer allows you to complete the conversion process in three clicks, plus you can select numerous files at a time to do batch conversions.  Drag and Drop to the Oxelon interface is also supported. You can also play the selected video or audio directly from the Oxelon interface if necessary. It is truly a powerful converter that is easy to use!


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6 thoughts on “A Powerful, but Easy to Use Media Converter

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  1. Hi Rick,

    As somewhat of a converter junkie myself, I’m always on the hunt for a good converter. Is this the one you use?

    I have been using Format Factory because it is simple and handles basically all the formats I deal with. I like the ability to tweak settings too and it looks like Oxelon does that.


    1. G,

      Format Factory is an excellent converter app, as well. I just started using Oxelon and it does give option to tweak the settings. The best part I like about Oxelon is the Windows Explorer integration.



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