Is Your Webcam Spying on You?

Do you have a webcam looking back at you from your desktop or notebook computer?  Did you know it is possible from that very same camera that you could literally be spied upon?

I can remember back as early as 2004 where Sophos, a leading info tech security company, warned computer users about a backdoor worm trojan virus that was capable of of using webcams to spy on people in their home or workplace [ see here ] .

The W32/Rbot-GR worm (also known as the “Peeping Tom” worm) spreads via network shares, exploiting a number of Microsoft security vulnerabilities, installing a backdoor Trojan horse as it travels.

Today, I want to share with you a web clip (see excerpt below) referencing an article that Bill Mullins’ (at Tech Thoughts) posted about the dangers of webcams and how specially crafted software can reverse the tables from watching to being watched. Folks this is for real stuff and is espionage on a personal private level.

I encourage you to read the full article at Bill Mullin’s Weblog – Tech Thoughts [ HERE ] .  Just the title alone is enough to want you to read this article.

A “What’s On My PC…” Web Clip!

“Big Brother” isn’t the only one watching you. “Uncle Nasty”
is out there prowling the Internet too!

July 23, 2010
Bill Mullins’

imageWidespread publicity, generated by the use of so-called “legitimate” spycam software in the ongoing “Pennsylvania High School Caught Filming Naked Teenage Students In Their Bedrooms”, class action lawsuit, and more recent reports from around the world of stealth webcam-activating malware being used to spy on young girls and boys, should be waving a bright red flag warning about the potential for webcam misuse. But, statistics show that most people pay little, or no, attention. [ READ MORE ]




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10 thoughts on “Is Your Webcam Spying on You?

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  1. I’m writing an action-thriller which includes using webcams to spy on people. In my case, the NSA uses them against the bad guys, but could just as easily be against the average citizen.

    Great post, Rick.


      1. Hey Rick, I think you misunderstood me.
        I wasn’t talking about a portable webcam. My webcam is installed on top of my netbook’s screen and that’s where I put a tiny sticker over. Of course you’re idea of putting a mirror in front of a portable webcam is brilliant! 🙂


      2. Pochp,

        Nope, did not misunderstand. I was interjecting some humor. We’ll put a mirror in front of our cams so the peepster can look at themselves.



  2. One time i used to chat in a site were i meet a girl that i liked and i got her on messenger and chat with her, i had a crash on her but never told her cause she had a boyfriend, and + i felt stupid cause she was far away from were i was, I’m not one of those second life dudes that lives in fantasy world, but i couldn’t stop thinking of how she looked in panties, so i search over the internet and found this software to spy on any one web cam, download it and install it, but i felt bad about using it, so i delete it and didn’t give it a try, you know i hate people xxxing around with my privacy why should i make that shit that i hate so much, but i really felt temped, i pretty sure their is a lot of fucking software to spy on peoples webcam and get in to their life’s, some time later some one stole some money from me using my credit card information and i remembered of that software i was going to use, good think i never used it…….
    i think the software is ok if you use it with permission of a court or something i think their is some authority that haves permission to use software like this.
    And since it looks like some one have been messing around with my email and personal information, so just cause i had it may be some one got my ip and is messing around with my pc, be very care full with this type of software……..
    i don’t recommend no one to use it cause if you got caught you can go to jail…….


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