Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#71)

If you are in the cool, to beat the heat, then take a moment at your PC to visit this weeks’ roundup of Geek Squeaks’. Geek Squeaks’ is a weekly event here at What’s On My PC that features tidbits (articles) from the various blogs that are associated with the What’s On My PC blogroll community.

Geek Squeaks'

Site Update #17

Awesome Wallpapers
Windows Se7en Wallpaper Set 28

My Technology Guide
Microsoft Legally Allows Installation
and Use of Microsoft Office on Two Computers

Unlock hidden Windows 7 Themes

TTC Shelbyville
Resize multiple images fast

404 Tech Support
Product Review: Rust-Oleum Dry Erase Paint

I Want Ice Water
The Great War Hero Death Benefits Scam

Reliance Netconnect wireless broadband review

I Love Free Software
PigeonHole: Interesting Way to Organize Quick Notes

Netbook Freeware
TouchpadPal: Disable Your Netbook Touchpad While You Type

Worthy Tips
Get Ribbon User Interface in Notepad with FluentNotepad

Online Storage Reviews
52 Articles on the Benefits of Online Storage

Chicago Mac/PC Support
31 Proven Ways To Get More Comments On Your Blog

Laptop Reviews Central
Acer introduces its latest Aspire 7552G laptop

Paul’s Home Computing Blog
Facebook – Use With Care And Protect Your Privacy

Technogran’s Tittle Tattle
Problems with your Hotmail upgrade?

TuneUp Blog about Windows
Get Rid of Your Windows Search Blues

Read Your Paid Software’s Fine Print for Unexpected Savings
Why I don’t do software giveaways

Tech-for Everyone

Free PC Security
Malicious Sites August 03

Mister Reiner
You didn’t stick that USB thumb drive you found
into your computer, did you??!!

Three UK Releases Samsung Galaxy S

Who Needs Photoshop When You Can Have Fotografix!

AKS-Feel The Change
DiskGenius -Disk Recovery Software for Windows 7 FREE

Carol’s Vault
Free Audio Books Online
How To Remove Antivirus 2010 Security Centre

Plato On-Line
‘Facebook Owner’ Arrest Leads to Claim

Evil Fantasy’s Blog
Clean Windows 7 Start Menu with Start Menu Cleaner

Confessions of a Freeware Junkie
Things I love: DropBox

Bill Mullins’ Weblog – Tech Thoughts
Don’t Burn A Linux Live ISO – Run It Directly With MobaLiveCD

thePC Security
DIY Phishing Kit Backfires on Hackers

Canadian Tech Blogger
Windows 7 Takes Over Vista In Second Most Used OS

Laptop Reviews
Lenovo ThinkPad T410

What’s On My PC
The easy way to print filenames in folders


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  1. Hi Rick,

    Like always I salute your dedication. It’s hard for blogger to keep update their blog continuously for 71 days and you not updating the blog but also maintaining this great list for 71 week. A great inspiration indeed.



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