Make Your Computer’s Wallpaper Interesting

Before I start telling you about some FREE software that will make your wallpaper interesting, I probably should tell you what your wallpaper is on your computer. Your wallpaper is the background that you see on your computer screen after your computer has been started. Just like the wallpaper in your house, you can change it.

One of my all-time favorite ways of “automatically” changing my wallpaper on my computer is by using John’s Background Switcher. Granted there are numerous wallpaper changing utilities out there and there is even an option in Windows 7 to create wallpaper slideshows, but nothing (in my opinion) comes close to the features and options that are available in John’s Background Switcher.

With John's Background Switcher!

Once you have downloaded and installed John’s Background Switcher you can start using it right away. If you notice the arrows in the screenshot below, you can set your wallpaper to change at specific time intervals; you can select a background consisting of just one wallpaper (or image) or a wallpaper with multiple images; AND, the really cool part is that you can use pictures (or wallpaper backgrounds) from your computer or from some of the popular online services (such as Flickr, Facebook, Phanfare, to name a few).

John's Background Switcher

I currently have John’s Background Switcher configured on my computer to create a postcard pile of my personal photos every 10 minutes. This allows me make good use of all of the thousands of photos I have taken. One trick I found is that if you double click on the tray icon for John’s Background Switcher, you can manually change to the next selection of photos.

John's Background Switcher

The real power in John’s Background Switcher is the ability to customize the program to meet your individual needs. This is accomplished by clicking on “MORE” in the programs interface (see screenshot below).

John's Background Switcher

When you click on “MORE” a whole other world is opened up (see below) that allows you to make numerous configuration changes to how the program functions. For example, one option I took advantage of was making a small calendar appear on the screen when my wallpaper changes. I can tell a lot of thought has went into this program to satisfy the end user, which is you and me.

John's Background Switcher

John’s Background Switcher is one of those FREE programs that rates as 5 stars in my book and has been a mainstay on my computer since its’ early development days. If you are looking for a way to customize your PC, here is your chance. Also, if you are looking for some really great wallpapers to use with John’s Background Switcher, check out a site I am personally associated with, through the What’s On My PC blogroll, called Awesome Wallpapers[sample nature set] .


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