How difficult is it to remove Malware?

Folks, one of the reasons I am not in the information technology and computer business, for myself, is due to the time consuming process of removing malware infections (viruses, spyware, scareware, etc). Basically, I end up telling people you would never be able to afford me. Most people, when their PC’s become infected, think the cleaning process is a 5 minute job and do not realize the work (and time) involved. When a tech is presented with an infected PC, one of two things is going to happen.

One, the tech is going to get lucky and successfully remove the infection.  Again, a very time consuming process that can leave doubt that the computer is actually clean.  It also should be noted that sometimes the cure can be worse than the problem.

Two, the tech is not so lucky and the infection has caused what I call, “the point of no return”. In this case, we are talking a “very, very time consuming” process of formatting the hard drive, reinstalling your Operating System, reinstalling your software, reinstalling your devices, etc… If you do not have your “personal important data” backed up, then there is a good chance data loss will occur.

Too point out just how time consuming the malware removal process can be, I want you to read this article at TTC Shelbyville:

“Remove Malware and ‘kill’ processed”

TTC Shelbyville

Steve at TTC Shelbyville has outlined the steps to take and the software to use to remove a typical malware infection. To some, this may look to be an overkill, but I assure you this, follow these steps and there is a good chance you will be successful in cleaning your PC.  When you are done, let me know how much time you expended!


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3 thoughts on “How difficult is it to remove Malware?

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  1. Many thanks again. I also have linked Bookmarks4Techs and stole your logo to put on my links! By educating students who go to work for medium and large organizations they need as many resources as they can get. Also you may not be in Information Technology but your knowledge and ability to ‘find’ opensource and a wealth of information contributes to many of our student’s careers.



    1. Thanks Steve…

      I worked in IT for over 12 years at a State of Maryland Facility (10 buildings) prior to my retirement. It was at a time when computers, the internet, networking, Microsoft Office was on the move. In essence, I became the jack of all trades in IT. Built a network, managed it, learned the internet, and my biggest challenge, believe it or not, was getting about a dozen secretaries on board with Microsoft Office. I now do stuff for my Church, assist others, and read, research and write about IT. It is sites like TTC Shelbyville that has made it rewarding for me.

      Thank you,



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