DClock 2 – A Desktop Digital Clock for Your Computer

DClock 2 is a desktop digital clock for your computer that is an ideal time companion. What makes this app unique is that it is a portable app that can be carried with you on your flash drive to be used on any computer that you visit. DClock 2 is currently in the “release candidate” stage of development. If you do not feel comfortable using software that is still being tested, there is the first version of DClock available [here] , however it lacks the features as reflected below. DClock 2 is somewhat customizable in that you can modify the size and colors.  One feature that would be nice is if it could be made transparent; otherwise, a nice little app that serves a good purpose.  Besides, I love software clocks and this is another one to add to my collection.

DClock 2


ToDo List
System Uptime
Hourly Chime
and more!


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      2 thoughts on “DClock 2 – A Desktop Digital Clock for Your Computer

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      1. Hi. I am the developer of DClock2. First, I’d like to thank you for the nice blog post. It’s much appreciated.

        About it being portable, though…it’s not entirely, as it saves settings info to the registry.

        The older version doesn’t save anything to the registry at all, so it’s fully portable. (I used to keep it on a floppy in my purse)


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