Logitech S-120 Super Inexpensive Notebook Computer Speakers

One thing I love to do when I buy a computer related product is to do a review about the product. In this case the product I recently purchased for under $15 is a pair of Logitech S-120 2.0 computer speakers. To be exact, I paid $11.88 at a local WalMart for these puppies. You can also get this same set of speakers at Amazon for $10.17, plus shipping & handling [ HERE ] .  Note:  Pricing at Amazon is subject to change.  So get ’em while they are hot.

Logitech S-120 Computer Speakers

What got me started on this mission for an inexpensive set of speakers was that I moved my Acer Netbook to my garage (man cave) and I wanted speakers for listening to music, watching movies, etc.  I basically wanted something that would be an improvement over the speaker sound in the netbook.

I started searching for an inexpensive set of speakers and soon found that the reviews on most speakers under $20 was not good. Really, what do you expect for speakers under $20?  This all changed when I purchased these speakers at Walmart. I figured if they did not work out I would be able to easily return them.

When I got these speakers home and checked the reviews at numerous vendors on the internet, I then realized I hit the jackpot.  I found from the reviews on a scale from 1 to 5, that the Logitech S-120 speakers were consistently rated from 4 to 5 on numerous sites.

Overall, these puppies are well built and are ideal for a netbook (or notebook PC) due to their small size (3” W x 6.5” H).  I would not be afraid (in a pinch) to use them with a desktop PC, as well. The power supply is built into the left speaker, which means there is no bulky power supply to contend with. Just plug in the power cord and the 3.5mm connector into the headphone jack on your netbook (or notebook) and you are ready to go. Two other nice features is that there is a volume control built into the right speaker; plus, a headphone jack.

Logitech S-120 Computer Speakers

The sound quality for speakers in this price range are GREAT. The RMS Power is 2.6 watts with a total peak power of 5.2 watts. I could not be further satisfied. The only con I could come up with for speakers in this price range was that the audio cables are only 4 ft. in length; however, for netbook or notebook PC purposes longer cables is not usually an issue.

So if you are looking for a set of speakers for your netbook or notebook PC and do not want to put out a lot of money, then the Logitech LS-120 speakers is definitely worth the small investment.

image If you need further information, take a look at this video from Tiger Direct TV [ HERE ] .


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5 thoughts on “Logitech S-120 Super Inexpensive Notebook Computer Speakers

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  1. Nice review Rick, Thank you. I have been thinking about some speakers for my netbooks. I will defintely check them out at my local store. Sounds like a great deal. Logitech makes some nice computer extras. Thanks again.


    1. Cappydawg,

      I just finished listening to some classical music on my netbook with these speakers and they are really great. For netbook and notebook use, can’t go wrong for the price!



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