Determine the Country You Are Visiting and MORE with Ultimate Chrome Flag

One of my favorite, unobtrusive, Google Chrome extensions is called Ultimate Chrome Flag.

Ultimate Chrome Flag

After you install Ultimate Chrome Flag, you will see a small country (or region) flag displayed on the right side of the address bar that indicates the origin of the site you are visiting; AND, that’s not all…

Also displayed along with the flag, you have option of displaying the Google Page Rank or the  WOT (Web of Trust) indicator to give you a visual of the credibility of the site (such as Trustworthiness, Vendor Reliability, Privacy & Child Safety).  Personally I prefer the WOT indicator. Even though the indicator may appear small, it has become second nature (and now habit) for me to check it.

Ultimate Chrome Flag

That’s not all… If you click on the flag, a drop down box will appear that will display a wealth of information of the site you are visiting, such as:

Country or region name, Domain name, IP address, Geo information, Google PageRank, Alexa Rank, WOT (Web of Trust) information, McAfee Site Advisor rating; AND, A clickable option to copy the domain name and the IP address to clipboard.

If you are a Google Chrome Browser user, this is one browser extension that is a must have, that has informational value, helps keep you safe, and does not get in the way.  You can download Ultimate Chrome Flag from [ HERE ] .


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