The Ultimate FREE System Protection Tool

If you are someone that tests software; OR manages computers where there are numerous users (such as at a kisosk, classroom, library or at home with the kids); OR, you are simply are looking for the ultimate in computer protection, then look no further. The solution is a virtualization application called  Wondershare Time Freeze.

Recently Bill Mullins’ at Tech Thoughts brought Wondershare Time Freeze to our attention (see “For Added Internet Protection – Virtualize Your System with Free Wondershare Time Freeze” ). Since I have been following various virtualization apps, for quite sometime; I decided, following Bill’s review, to give Time Freeze a try.

Wondershare Time Freeze

Before I go any further there are a couple of important points to make here.

One, with any system altering utility, it is important that you have a backup image of your computer. A good FREE solution for that is Macrium Reflect.

Two, Wondershare Time Freeze comes in a FREE version and a PAID version that has additional features.

Click Here for Comparison

Time Freeze Comparison

After testing and using Wondershare Time Freeze, I would not hesitate in buying this software.

What is Wondershare Time Freeze?

Wondershare Time Freeze is what is known as a virtualization application. To the everyday computer user, do not let these big words give the illusion this is difficult software to use. It is not… The reason virtualization apps are not commonly used is because most people do not understand them and are afraid to try something that is completely out of the norm. To me, virtualization apps, if used properly, are the answer to ultimately protecting our PC’s from viruses, malware, dumb mistakes, etc…

How does Wondershare Time Freeze work?

In a nutshell, you install Wondershare Time Freeze on your PC, start it up, move the slider, with your mouse, from “OFF” to “ON”.  At this point you will be asked “Do you want to enable system protection?”. Click on “Yes”,  and be patient (a slight 10 – 15 second delay will occur while the PC is being switched from “real” mode to “virtual” mode.).

Time Freeze Slider

Once your PC is in virtual mode, you are protected. Your PC at this point is basically impenetrable. If you mess up anywhere on your PC (get a virus, malware, accidentally delete a file), simply reboot your computer. After reboot, your computer will return to the state it was in prior to going into virtual mode.  To see how this works, click on the video demo below.

Time Freeze Video Demo

I currently use Wondershare Time Freeze to test software that I review for What’s On My PC. I will put the PC into a virtual mode with Time Freeze and then install the software I intend to test. When I am finished, I simply reboot the computer to return to the state that it was in prior to my testing. I also use Time Freeze on my netbook, all of the time, to keep it in a time frozen state. The only time I do not run the netbook in virtual mode is when I perform routine software maintenance updates (such as antivirus definition updates, windows updates, etc.).

Now keep in mind and this is very important. While you are in virtual mode, any files you save or download to your main drive volume (usually the “C” Drive) will be lost when you reboot. A workaround that I use is that I save files I download (or work on) to one of my external drives.

To me, virtualization apps, such as Time Freeze are ideal in settings where multiple people use a PC (such as in a library, student lab, children at home, etc…). Simply run the PC in virtual mode and when the student or child finishes with the PC, reboot back into real mode and to the state it was in prior to going into virtual mode. Wondershare Time Freeze is great way to keep the configuration changes on a PC from being changed or altered.

Key Features of Wondershare Time Freeze

Wondershare Time Freeze is system protection software. It works easy and effective to create a free virtual system environment to keep your computer safe from all types of viruses and other malicious attacks. It provides the following advantages:

Virtual system as the shadow of the actual system: prevent threats of any viruses, malware, spyware and Trojans.

Simply reboot computer to return to the original state. Eliminates cost for system maintenance.

Surf internet safely, and play around with computer with NO trace left.

Prevent access to protected files and folders. Protect your privacy effectively

Manage the program with a custom password setting and keep inexperienced users from making change to your settings and configures

Compatible with Windows 7/XP/Vista/2000.


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12 thoughts on “The Ultimate FREE System Protection Tool

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  1. The opening window on Versions 1 and/or 2 are constricted and do not allow the user to even see the various buttons.

    I have tried with the following resolutions:

    1024×758; 1900×1200; 1900×1080; 1280×1024

    The window appears the same in all resolutions.

    Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit
    nVidia 9800 GT


    1. James,

      I have not experienced that issue; however, that does not mean it is not an issue. Thanks for bringing this out. You may want to visit the Wondershare site and convey your concerns. I know, if there is an issue, they will work on it to make it right. I will continue to monitor for additional comments in regards to this and will also communicate with Wondershare.

      Thank you,



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