A FREE Utility to Backup Your Gmail

Personally, I am a major player when it comes to using Gmail. I use Gmail as my primary email client (or service provider) instead of using a locally installed client such as Outlook, Windows Live Mail, or Thunderbird.  The only problem with my strategy is that all of my email transactions are stored in the cloud (on the internet) and not on my local computer.

To ultimately resolve this problem and to make my strategy whole, I found a FREE backup utility that is specifically engineered to backup my Gmail, called Gmail Backup.

Gmail Backup

Gmail Backup is very easy to use. Simply enter your full Gmail login address, your Gmail Password, select a Backup Folder, select a date range (or only the Newest emails) and click on Backup.

This program is aimed to backup and restore of your GMail mailbox.You will need to activate the IMAP access to your mailbox, to do so, please open your GMail settings and under POP/IMAP tab activate this option.

Keep in mind that the first backup you make, may be time consuming, due to the amount of emails (and attachments) it may have to download (or backup). Following that first backup, you can do incremental backups.

Downloading all emails from your Gmail Account every time you want to backup your emails would be a nightmare. In this case it comes in hand the incremental downloading feature of email.

Gmail Backup checks all emails in the Gmail Account whether their are already downloaded. If so than it skips them. It only download emails which are not presented in your local copy. However, the checking emails takes time too.

As result, we recommend to specify the date since you want to download emails.

The backup emails that are downloaded will be in the standard .eml file format which can be read by just about any email client. In my case I use PopPeeper for this purpose. Also, you can restore emails to your Gmail account, as well, with Gmail Backup.

This is another app that will only get better and is worth its’ weight in gold.

NOTE: Also check out A Backup Strategy for Your Gmail [ HERE ]


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18 thoughts on “A FREE Utility to Backup Your Gmail

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  1. Another great find, “Mighty Freeware Hunter”. Your grandchildren will tell tales of your prowess, as they sit around the campfire. 🙂



  2. I’ve heard of Gmail backup but never known anyone who has used it—so thanks for the interesting post! Does the backup take up a lot of space on your PC? Also, I have a few email accounts. Can files in Gmail backup easily be transferred to a Windows Live Mail account?


    1. TuneUp,

      Nearly missed you; sorry for the delay. The backup is a mirror of what you have stored online, therefore if you have gigabytes of email data, then your local storage will be that also. Hmmm… I would venture to say that you could import the backup .eml files to your Windows Live Mail account. Thanks for commenting.



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