Upload Files to VirusTotal Directly from Windows Explorer

VirusTotal is an online service, that is available to you (for FREE), that analyzes suspicious files and URL’s. Typically, to use the service you visit VirusTotal [ HERE ] and upload the file in question or enter the questionable URL (web address). VirusTotal will go to work scanning the file against numerous antivirus engines OR will go to work reviewing any URL you submit using multiple analysis tools.


I know you are thinking, why would I need to do this, especially when I already have security software installed on my PC that will automatically check my files for me?  It is like this, when we go to the Doctor for something that is suspicious, it is best to get a second opinion.  In the case of a suspcious file, VirusTotal is that second opinion.

I have been a user of VirusTotal for a long time; however, I often wondered; “Is there way to upload a suspicious file to VirusTotal and get a result without having to go through the steps of opening my browser and actually going to the VirusTotal site to upload the file?”.

You have probably heard myself and some of the other Techs comment; “If you can think it, someone has done it!”. The answer to that question is “yes”.  It is called VirusTotal Uploader.

VirusTotal Uploader

After you install VirusTotal Uploader, you simply right-click any file under 20MB, in Windows Explorer, and choose “VirusTotal” from the Send To Windows menu. The scan results will display in your browser as usual.  Wow, what a neat concept…

VirusTotal Uploader

As someone that loves testing free and open source software, I will often pipe the install file to VirusTotal to make sure all is right.  One thing to keep in mind is that there are occasions where “false positives” will occur with a service such as this; however, VirusTotal will help keep you security conscious and on your toes.


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4 thoughts on “Upload Files to VirusTotal Directly from Windows Explorer

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    1. Hey Rick,
      You recently added and recommended a site for pc problems but I forgot which one. Do you recall which one? I want to send this question to him which maybe you yourself could answer:
      How do you want to be contacted in case of queries for help? Do you use Windows Remote Assistance?
      I read this question from a geek site:
      ‘Reinstalling our operating systems from time to time is a fact of life whether we use Windows, Linux, or OS X. What we would like to know this week is how often you reinstall your operating systems.’
      Is it true our OS’s need reinstalling!?


      1. Pochp,

        I just added a site to the blogroll called PC Optimization Tips [ CLICK HERE ] AND there is APlus Computer Aid [ CLICK HERE ] . Most techs will charge a fee. Troubleshooting a system, especially from afar, takes skill and can be a challenge (and very time consuming). The “time consumption” is one of the reasons I am not in the business.

        In answer to your question about “reinstalling the operating system”. To put this in perspective, I have had my PC over 3 years and I have never reinstalled the operating system. I have had no reason to. Most, everyday computer users, will definitely experience a reinstall (usually as a result of malware). This is one of the reasons I always tell people to make their backup disks and/or image their system (especially when new). I just experienced, this week, where someone had a notebook PC that was trashed (from malware and numerous software installs, etc…). A reinstall of the OS was what is needed; however, they did not make their backup disks.

        Hope this helps…



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