Tech-for Everyone – Top Ten Checklist for Computer Ownership

Tech-for Everyone That Tech Paul at Tech-for Everyone has posted a winner of an article that every owner of a computer should make a keepsake.  His article, “A Checklist for Computer Ownership” .


A “What’s On My PC…” Web Clip!


A Checklist For Computer Ownership

Got A Computer? Top 10 Things You Should Do

The plague of Internet rogue antivirus has me super busy (again) and so today I am re-posting an article which aggregates what I believe are the most important computer tips into a single checklist…a “Top 10″ list. Click on the blue links to get more instructions on the topic.

There are several things a PC owner should do to have a healthy, smooth-running computer, and be safer from cyber-criminals when they browse the Internet. Not surprisingly, I have covered these topics over the course of writing this six-days-a-week series of articles. So I thought I would put the more important ones into a single list — a “Top 10 List” — and provide direct links (blue text) to the articles which cover the How To steps of making these things happen… and provide you with a simple way to find out what you need to do, compared to what you’ve done already. In case you missed one, or two.

Tip of the day: Run down this list, and ask yourself, “have I done that?” to each one. [MORE]



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