Bookmark Your Favorite Sites with Skloog

If you liked Symbaloo and Kadaza, then you will also like Skloog.

SkloogSkloog is an online bookmarking service where you setup an account (for FREE) that allows you to create and store your favorite bookmarks online. Skloog is currently in beta. The “cool factor” to Skloog is that it uses the speed dial interface that we are seeing more and more of, not only in our browsers, but online as well.


The plus to storing your favorites in the cloud (online) is that you you can access your favorite bookmarked sites from any location where there is internet access. Using the speed dial interface with tabbed categories makes surfing the internet a breeze.

In comparison to some of the other services I have tested similar to this, Skloog may end up winning the shootout.  Skloog acts more like a bookmark manager, is attractive, is fast and is loaded with features that brings it all together to make bookmarking fun (and efficient).

Some features I dug up about Skloog:

Add a bookmark and shortcut simultaneously

Add a bookmark through email

Delete and Edit Bookmarks

Bookmark from your toolbar

Organize your bookmarks with tags and categories

Email a bookmark

Email multiple bookmarks to a friend

Import/Export bookmarks

Search bookmarks

Sort bookmarks

Create a Skloog email address


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6 thoughts on “Bookmark Your Favorite Sites with Skloog

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  1. Hey Rick—Skloog looks like a pretty cool service to keep your favorite bookmarks organized. Based on the features you mentioned, it seems pretty simple to use. I especially like that you can add bookmarks through email. Is there anything in particular that makes it stand out from other sites, such as Delicious?


    1. TuneUp,

      Compared to other online bookmarking services, in particular I just plain like how it looks. I especially love the speed dial interface. I am currently using Skloog as my home page.



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