Bookmarks4Techs – An Ongoing Experiment

If you haven’t visited Bookmarks4Techs lately, then you are missing out on a growing list of tech sites. As of the date of this posting, the site is currently listing 464 bookmarked links to computer and information technology sites across the internet. You can literally spend hours hitting these sites. Also posted are RSS feeds to some of my favorite blogs and sites. This will continue to grow, as well.

Another featured experiment is that I am tyring is randomly selecting articles, from the 464 bookmarked sites, on a daily basis and posting links to those articles under Random Tech News. I am hoping that I can get people to drop by to read the latest news from the random selection and to encourage site owners to place Bookmarks4Techs on their blogroll.

Bookmarks4Techs, I set up to encourage people to learn about information technology and computers.  If you want to learn what is going on out there, the bookmarked sites is a good place to start.


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