A FREE Online Video Editor

You cannot tell me any different. We are definitely moving forward toward cloud computing as a common computing platform. A great example of this progression is JayCut – a FREE Online Video Editor.

JayCut There are numerous online photo enhancement and photo editing sites currently available on the internet that allows you to perform magic with your photos right inside your web browser shell; however, JayCut is the first full scale video editor that gives you the ability to create movies and slideshows (for FREE) without installing software on your PC. You simply visit the JayCut website to create, manage and edit your movie.  JayCut, like many of the photo editing sites, gets it power from Adobe Flash. Another feature of JayCut, if you are a web site owner, is that you can integrate JayCut API into your website to make it available for all of your visitors. In order to use JayCut effectively, signing up for an online account is required.


JayCut - Screenshot

The JayCut online video editor has all the features you would expect to find in a traditional desktop-based video editing tool. Still it is running directly in a web browser without any need for lengthy downloads or cumbersome installations.

Publisher’s Description of Features

In JayCut’s video editing tool you will find basic editing functionality and additional web-optimized features.

Remix/trim videos and images

Add music, transitions and effects

Add captions and subtitles

Automated transcoding

Use same account as webbased editor

1-Click export to YouTube and Facebook

Export videos for Iphone, Win and Mac


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