Best Full Featured All-In-One Screen Capture Program

I have said it before and will say it again. If there is a software package out there that is FREE, that continues to evolve and is of great quality; it will be worthy of mention here at What’s On My PC, over and over. I call software apps of this calibre, Hall of Fame software.

Today I bring you a small screen capture application, called PicPick, that definitely falls into that Hall of Fame category and is in a class of its’ own. Since my last review of PicPick, this application has come a long ways’.


A screen capture application is a software app that allows you take a snapshot of what’s on your computer screen, whether it is the whole screen or just a portion of it, and save it as a graphic file.  The good about this is, once you have the captured screen in a graphic file format, you can then insert it into documents or simply save the captured file to disk. If you are a graphic designer, software developer, a blogger, a desktop publisher, a Powerpoint user or someone at home who simply needs something that will allow you to grab clips on the internet, then PicPick, I highly recommend.

Now that you have a general idea of what a screen capture application, what is so great about PicPick?  It is simply this, PicPick is easy to use well thought out application; AND for a small program application that you can also carry around on your flash drive, it is loaded with additional features.

After PicPick is installed and launched you will see the PicPick icon in the system tray (bottom right corner of your screen on the taskbar). Simply click on that icon and you will be presented with a popup menu that is self explanatory. If you notice the screenshot below, I want you to look at the other tools that are included such as a color picker, color palette, magnifier, pixel ruler, protractor, cross hair, whiteboard and image editor. All of these tools are mini apps in themselves that compliment the task of screen capturing.


The image editor is what has most impressed me and has greatly improved since the last review. For example, for the screenshot above, I selected “fixed region”, to capture a fixed area on the screen and once I made the capture, the capture automatically opened in the “Image Editor”; very nice. I was then able to manipulate the image in the editor any way I liked. There are numerous enhancement options in the editor that are just plain awesome.

Screenshot – [click here]


Well, you heard me rave about this app and the only thing I can tell you is to download it and play with it. Very, very nice (FREE) software app that is well worth installing on your PC. Kudos to the developer of PicPick.  PicPick is FREE for personal use [ click here ] .


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5 thoughts on “Best Full Featured All-In-One Screen Capture Program

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  1. I was a long-time Print Screen 2000 user, and then I found Jing. As a teacher, I like that I can add arrows, highlighting, text, to the screen capture easily, then copy or save it for use. I use it often to send skill tutorials to my faculty. What it doesn’t have is the ability to print from the screen.

    How’s PicPick compare to Jing?


    1. WordDreams,

      I will have to checkout jing. I personally like PicPick from the standpoint that it can be used as a portable app, as well. I have followed PicPick from day one of development and it just continues to improve. At one time, one of the best screen capture apps out there, called Fastone Capture, was my favorite; then it went commercial. PicPick is actually surpassing FastStone in this category in my opinion.

      Again, I will check out jing.



  2. I do think that PicPick is a pretty good tool. However, as a computer user I found that what I needed was a tool that enabled me to capture my webcam and my desktop at the same time. This enables a person to blog more easily.

    I think for most situations a tool like PicPick is approperiate, but in the cases that you want to capture your webcam at the same time, you may want to use something such as Xomaya.


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