TTC Shelbyville Makes ComputerWorld Magazine

Steve Mallard, IT Manager at the Tennessee Technology Center at Shelbyville, a regular visitor and supporter of this blog, is featured in ComputerWorld Magazine. Steve (and his students) are contributors of the blog TTC Shelbyville, which I am a (daily) regular visitor.

TTC Shelbyville

To read about Steve and TTC Shelbyville, in ComputerWorld
[ click here ]

The article is titled “IT embraces its new leaner lifestyle”.

But there are also organizations where investments in both technology and staff are at a standstill. Among them is the Tennessee Technology Center at Shelbyville, one of 27 such centers across the state that along with six universities and 44 community colleges make up Tennessee’s higher education system.

“One of the biggest problems is that there isn’t revenue flowing into the state, and one of the first places they look to cut is education. We’re doing without 20% of the IT budget we had last year, and last year we had 10% less than the year before,” says Steve Mallard, the center’s IT director. [ Source: ComputerWorld ]

Congratulations to Steve and his fine program at TTC Shelbyville.


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3 thoughts on “TTC Shelbyville Makes ComputerWorld Magazine

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  1. Steve is a terrific writer and knows a thing or two as well. (possible understatement of the week)

    I join you in suggesting to folks they visit TTC Shelbyville – terrific resource.


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