An Easy Way To Find Out The Exact Time

When I was growing up, I can remember only having one main clock in the house. I would venture to say that the time on that clock may have been off by up to 5 minutes or more. Time was used as an approximation and we took our time going wherever we had to go. Those were the days… Today, it is a different story. We are so time driven and consumed, that we depend on the precision of time so that we can do more to make the most of our time (or at least we think we are).

One beauty of the internet is the ability to acquire time settings, for any location in the world, to within the milliseconds. Most clocks out there are synchronized by an atomic clock – the most accurate time source in the world. A web site that I have bookmarked, that I use to get the current (near precision) time (and date) is is an online time source that will reflect the current precise time, the date, your location, the time at nine other world locations, the online time compared to your computer’s time, the sunrise/sunset and more info, such as reflected below.  It is even mobile device friendly.

On you can:

Find out what the exact time is right now at any of 7 million locations around the world

Check the accuracy of your clock

Compare time at different locations

You will also find:

Sunrise and sunset times

Information about which time zone a location belongs to

Information about today’s holidays and observances

Latitudes and longitudes

Integrated, full screen Google Maps

Population numbers

Key information about every country in the world is friendly to mobile devices. It uses minimal bandwidth and the design is adapted to small screens.


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