Speed Up Your Internet Connection: 8 DIY Tips

Broadband Compare This is a guest post by Kip Keilty, who is currently writing for a NEW Australian broadband comparison website called Broadband Compare, where users can compare broadband plans and find helpful user guides.

If you’ve kept up with the news, you understand that the United States has average Internet connection speeds that are far below average for the civilized world. Unless you live in California near Berkley or in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area, your Internet connection is likely to be less than 30 Mbps. Many Americans have connections of 2 Mbps or less, causing even more of an issue for mobile and online workers. The truth is that Internet users are limited to the type of services available and by their cost, so everyone should be interested in making the most out of what they have. Here you will learn to speed up your Internet connection: 8 DIY tips can make you more accessible and productive by making your browsing and file downloading go faster than ever.

  1. Check for alternative services: Shop around a little bit to see if you can get a faster Internet connection from a different ISP. If you have DSL, see what the cable outfit in town has to offer, etc.
  2. Use Ethernet: Another way to get more from your Internet connection is to connect your computer using an Ethernet cable, rather than using wireless. Remember: wireless networks are good for convenience, but are not even close to being as fast as a 100 Mbps Ethernet connection. The speed difference may not be noticeable for occasional browsing, but if you are trying to push through a lot of work and files, you will be better off with the wired connection.
  3. Dump Internet Explorer: Internet users should beware of Microsoft Internet Explorer. It comes with Windows, but it is notoriously slow because of the way it sucks up resources on your system. For a faster browsing experience, go to the Apple Web site to get its award winning Safari browser or try Google’s Chrome: both deliver impressive speed gains over Microsoft.
  4. Try Opera: If you really want to optimize your Internet experience, download the Opera Web browser which is widely recognized as the fastest around. It even has a turbo mode that uses get Opera and turn on Turbo mode (it’s very fast). Opera turbo will use its servers to fetch Web pages for you, compress them, and then send it down the pipe to your Opera browser. This technology gives even users with dialup connections impressive speed gains.
  5. Get a download manager: Downloads suck up bandwidth more than ordinary Web use, so try to avoid downloading files in the background while you work. A plethora of download managers are out there that allow you to schedule downloads, stop and start downloads, and even accelerate downloads.
  6. Spyware: Check for spyware and other applications that might be hogging system resources by running in the background. Closing your other programs is an easy way to speed up your Internet connection, but spyware might require a specially designed software utility to eradicate.
  7. Do a clear out: Remove the bells and whistles from your browsers. If you keep the same Web browser, get some of those add ons, search bars, social media bars, and other special addons and plugins you’ve installed over the years. These make your browser work harder and clog up your Internet connection by using bandwidth in the background. Some of them may even be spyware.
  8. Secure your network: Put a password on your router’s admin page and enable security on your wireless protocols with a security key that’s hard to guess. Your Internet connection may be slow because your neighbors are downloading files from your wireless router. Get the freeloaders off your network and you’ll be surprised at how fast you surf.

Now you have some good ideas for how to speed up your Internet connection: 8 DIY tips that show how just a few changes to your computer and network can make a big difference in the way you use the Internet.

This is a guest post from the team at BroadbandCompare.com.au, a broadband comparison website offering ADSL, cable and mobile plans.


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