A Way To Print Web Pages Without Wasting Paper

Web pages are made up of numerous blocks of text and images that are not very printer friendly. When Printing web pages the end result can be very disappointing and often results in excessive paper and ink being wasted; just to grab one article or a block of text. Much of this has to do with the complexity and construction of web pages where everything is drafted in blocks that ultimately can result in nightmare print jobs. This is all good for web designers, but bad for the end user when it comes to printing the page.

One way to resolve web page printing issues is to use the FREE browser bookmarklet called PrintWhatYouLike.


PrintWhatYouLike is a free online editor that lets you format any web page for printing in seconds!

To use PrintWhatYouLike, simply drag the PrintWhatYouLike browser bookmarklet to your browser’s toolbar. When you see a page that contains information you want to print, click on the PrintWhatYouLike bookmarklet and a toolbar (with options) will appear (similar to the screenshot below) on the left side of your browser.


That is not all… Once you see the toolbar, move your mouse pointer around the page and you will see red borders appear around the blocks of text and images. You can select a block of text (or multiple blocks) by simply clicking on a block. The block, at that point, will turn yellow and a horizontal toolbar will appear with other options. I usually click on all of the blocks I want to keep, then I click on “isolate”.  At that point, I will click on “Print” on the toolbar and the end result of the print job is the blocks of text I had selected and isolated. If you are not one to print stuff, there is also an option to save the blocks of information you selected as a PDF file.


I’m not going to write a book on how to use PrintWhatYouLike due to its’ numerous options; instead I encourage you to install the bookmarklet and play around with it. If you don’t like it, simply delete the bookmarklet on your toolbar. I guarantee, once you get a good feel for PintWhatYouLike, you will be using it all of the time and it will become a mainstay printer utility in your browser.


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3 thoughts on “A Way To Print Web Pages Without Wasting Paper

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  1. Rick,
    I’m forwarding this article to some folks (the moment I’m done typing this) that I think will say “Eureka!” (Does anyone every actually say that?) when they see it.



  2. Hi Rick,
    I have used this many times. It is great little helper to print just what you want. (Sorry for the pun) Nice little article. I am sure all your readers will appreciate this great find.


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