Windows 7 for Seniors

You are probably looking at the title and questioning, “Did Microsoft develop another operating system called Windows 7 for Seniors?”. The answer is, NO! The title is referring to the Dummies Series of books that have been in production since 1991, when the first one published was “Dos for Dummies”. As a matter of fact I was a fan of that book and actually purchased several after that. Believe it or not, it was those few books that helped drive my interest in computers.

Today there are more than 150 million of these books in print that show you how to do everything (i.e. cook, garden, manage, finances, run a business, plan a trip, exercise, eat right, etc.). If you don’t believe me, [click here] .

For the sake of this article and to help out my senior friends there is a “Windows 7 for Seniors for Dummies” book that I recommend to help you navigate and learn the Windows 7 operating system.

Windows 7 for Seniors

Many people I am associated with have the illusion that our children and grandchildren are the teachers of computers since it is part of their generation. Being someone that has used, taught and managed PC’s, this is far from the truth. If you want to learn the basics and have an edge over your children or grandchildren, the “Windows 7 for Seniors for Dummies” is a good place to start.

Learn to:

  • Use the Windows 7 desktop and create your first documents
  • Connect to the Internet and browse the Web
  • View, edit, and print photos
  • Keep in touch by e-mail and play games online
  • Tour the desktop — learn to use menus, the Start menu button, files, and folders
  • Do it — create notes and letters, connect a printer, download photos from your digital camera, and put music on a CD
  • Have some fun — discover Solitaire and other built-in games, listen to music, and watch a movie
  • Use the accessories — display Gadgets on your desktop, draw with Paint, and use the Calculator
  • To keep or not — install additional programs you want and remove those you don’t need
  • Protect your Windows — learn to use the Action Center, download and install virus protection software, and keep it up to date
  • Have it your way — make your screen easier to see, open files with a single click, and even have your computer read to you
  • The wide, wide Web — shop and explore online and learn to stay safe
  • What’s on the taskbar
  • Directions for creating and saving documents
  • Steps for installing a printer and other peripherals
  • How to connect to the Internet anywhere
  • Backgammon and other games you can play online
  • Guidance on protecting your computer from viruses
  • How to send e-mail attachments
  • Advice on backing up documents and photos


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4 thoughts on “Windows 7 for Seniors

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  1. Rick,
    Great pick! Seniors need education on Windows 7, but not any more than any other age group. Maybe the “For Dummies Books” publisher is, like lots of other people, trying to take advantage of the large number of baby boomers that are in the population right now.


  2. Seniors need a simple Windows based system that they turn on and it gives them email, Skype, picture storage, mind challenging games, weather and news on the screen at start up. There’s so many people out there that even the “Dummies” series is too much to deal with anymore. There’s Linux based systems. Microsoft (and Apple for that matter) are missing the boat and a huge market!


  3. Windows Update also installs the latest software updates to improve the reliability of Windows’new drivers for your hardware and more. This action will capture the window that is on top (in focus). Words are composed of parts, including their roots, suffixes, and prefixes.


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