An Icon Search Engine That Helps You Find FREE Icons

No it is not National Icon Week… I know this is my second article about icons within 2 days but a really nice icon search engine was brought to my attention as a result of yesterday’s article (titled: How To Find Icons Hidden Inside of Files) that I want to share with you. Following yesterday’s article the author of the blog, Word Dreams pointed me to another source for icons called I initially thought I had done a review on this site; however, I discovered was a new one to me.

Find Icons has a largest free icon collections, a better search filtering & matching system and more output options. Also, we track every search query and manually adjust the results according to the average ratings set by the search results from other users. And we understand that by searching you can’t categorize every icon you found. So we created a handy User Set tool to allow you group frequently used icons in your personal Favorites box which can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere. Now you will have an alternative option to having to put favorite icons into folders on your hard drive.

Another nice feature that I have not seen at the other icon sites is the ability to browse icon packs (batches of icons designed with a specific interest in mind).

Icon Packs

Some other features are a converter, ability to upload icons, search by tag and an “Excite” me link that will surprise you with a random listing of icons. claims to maintain a database of close to 300,000 icons. A BIG THANK YOU to Word Dreams for this one!


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3 thoughts on “An Icon Search Engine That Helps You Find FREE Icons

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  1. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

    To both of you.

    I am nerdy enough that I think I will be changing some of my ho-hum icons into something spiffier, and this will help.

    (It also occurs to me.. since we are trained to identify certain apps with certain programs, one could “hide” an app [or shortcut] by substituting an offbeat icon..)


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