Get WinPatrol v19 the Cloud Edition

WinPatrol Cloud

WinPatrol is a “must have” security app that monitors critical, commonly attacked, areas of your computer AND alerts you when changes are about to take place. It is like having a guard dog on patrol at all times. As a matter of fact, WinPatrol features a little Scotty dog that stands on patrol in your system tray and will actually bark when the perimeter has been breached. Once Scotty has alerted you, it is up to you to decide whether it is friend or foe. Scotty does not fix anything, he simply alerts you that changes are about to take place. Most occasions those changes are OK, like when installing software; however, when in doubt you can deny access until you confirm the credibility of the instrusion.


A robust System Monitor, WinPatrol.exe will alert users to malware attacks, hijackings and critical changes made to a computer without their permission. WinPatrol PLUS includes our unique R.I.D. technology which works much differently than other similar programs.

This tiny program runs in the background without slowing you down. Scotty works and plays well with others so you won’t find conflicts with other security based programs. WinPatrol was developed in Microsoft “C” and Assembler to stay small and fast.

WinPatrol is one of the first Security apps that I install on a PC. I definitely would not be without it and have been a user since Scotty was a puppy. Today, I discovered that a new version of  WinPatrol was released that uses the power of cloud computing that allows everyone to become a force in collaboratively sharing when something works and when something does not. As they say, power is in numbers. The accumulative data collected and polled by WinPatrol users will serve to benefit us all.

WinPatrol Cloud

If you do not have WinPatrol installed, I encourage you to visit the WinPatrol site to research this more. There is a FREE and PLUS version available.


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6 thoughts on “Get WinPatrol v19 the Cloud Edition

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  1. Can’t say enough good things about BillP. and WinPatrol.

    One of the few titles I reco going with the for-pay.
    (The modest fee helps keep WinPatrol in development, is good for life, on all the PC’s you own.)


  2. Hi Rick,

    I’m assuming the cloud side of things is only available with the plus version?

    I’m running v 19 free and can’t see any cloud at all.



    1. John,

      Where the cloud comes into play with the FREE versions is here:

      One part of the WinPatrol Cloud is a poll where the WinPatrol community of users can provide personal feedback on files that are detected. The poll data will be available to both FREE and PLUS users.



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