Google Web History – A Real Eye Opener

Steve over at Scoroncocolo contacted me, with the following email, about a very recent article he drafted called Google Web History.  The article was a real eye opener to me (privacy risk) that shows a potential dark (and spooky) side to Google. You can jump to the article [ HERE ], but before you do, the email he sent me was also interesting in itself and made me want to read the article.


Steve’s email to What’s On My PC:

I put up a new Tech Page a couple of days ago. This one is on Google’s Web History. Before I began working on this article about Google Web History, I conducted an admittedly un-scientific survey of all of my tech-savvy friends and found that none of them had any idea that Google was storing every Google-search that they made on Google’s vast bank of servers. More particularly, they were all unaware that Google could tie those searches to them if they had a Google Account and all of my tech-savvy friends do have a Google Account. I’d be willing to bet that a vast majority of the visitors to your site and my site have Google Accounts. After all, if you have a Gmail account you obviously have an account with Google. Once I started researching for this article it dawned on me that Google is a little, if not more sinister, then certainly a little more spooky than I had previously perceived it to be. Please have a look at this page I just put up. You can mouse over Tech Pages on my home page but the URL is


To read more about Google Web History and how you can avoid being tracked, visit Steve’s site and read his article Google Web History .


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