An Enhanced Windows Explorer Replacement

We currently have available on Windows based computers a built in file management utility called Windows Explorer. This utility, which is a major component of the operating system, provides you with a graphical user interface to browse (and view) the file system on your computer. For the life of me I never could understand why Microsoft never implemented tabbed browsing in Windows Explorer. Maybe Microsoft felt that a great majority of computer users are intimidated by Windows Explorer and it was best to keep it simple.

Anyhow, if you are into file management and you want a Windows Explorer that offers a tabbed browser experience, then I recommend taking a look at Explorerplusplus (Explorer++) .


The beauty of tabbed browsing is that you can manage multiple instances of files and folders in one window. I actually have come to prefer the tabbed browsing interface over multiple pane interfaces. As a matter of fact, here of late, I have been testing numerous types of these file management utilities (even wrote about a few here on the blog) and Explorer++ is in the running as my “go to” file manager.


What I like?

It has a clean appearance (not cluttered or bloated) and is very similar to the Windows Explorer, as we know it.

It is fast and smooth running…  I currently have Explorer++ pinned to my Windows 7 taskbar. It definitely loads faster than Windows Explorer and performs file management operations faster. For example, I can right mouse click on a file or folder and the standard Explorer context menu loads quickly with minimal lag time.

I like the idea of my drives being available on a toolbar where I can quickly access their contents.  Lay your mouse pointer on a drive letter and immediately see the size of the drive and the free space available.

There is an option on the menu of Explorer++ called “Actions” that provides you the ability to merge, split and destroy files. When destroying a file you can do a one or three pass overwrite to make the file nearly impossible to undelete.

You can double click on the tab bar to open/close tabs.

You can lock tabs to the bar.

You can open to the Command Prompt from any folder you are working from.

You have option of bookmarking your favorite folders.

You can save a directory (or folder) listing to a text file.

Explorer ++ can be  run from your flash drive (as a portable app).

In the end, I am finding that the developer has went to great strides to make Explorer++ an user friendly experience; and,  it is my hope that the development cycle continues with this program.


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