A FREE Google Chrome and Firefox Browser Weather Extension

Weather Watcher Live, a very popular weather software program, is available as a browser extension for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. The good about this is that it is free and offers similar features that is available in the software version (that you pay for). I have been following Weather Watcher Live from its’ early development days (when it was free) and I can tell you the developer (Mike Singer) has put his heart and soul into the development cycle of this weather program.

Just like its’ software counterpart, the Weather Watcher Live browser extension can be configured to provide real-time weather conditions, for your area, from the NWS weather stations, real-time WeatherBug weather stations and weather stations in the WeatherBug backyard network.

Weather Watcher Live

As you can see in the screenshot above, you can click on tabs to get the current weather (Now), hourly forecast, daily forecast, maps and alerts. The map tab will redirect you to the WeatherBug website where a wide array of maps can be viewed.

Another feature that is worth noting is that you can view the current temperature and conditions from the browser toolbar (see below) by simply positioning your mouse pointer on the temperature icon.

Weather Watcher Live

If you are a Google Chrome browser user and you want a nice browser extension to keep track of the weather, then give Weather Watcher Live a try [ CLICK HERE ] .

For you Firefox users, you can get the Weather Watcher Live browser extension [ HERE ].


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