A Solution to Finding the Perfect Domain Name

When starting a web site it is a real challenge to find the perfect domain name. Just when you have a brilliant idea to name your site, you are instantly disappointed that the name is already taken or is for sale by a third party. Oftentimes domain names are bought and sold, just like real estate. Early on, during the infancy of the internet, it was not uncommon for people buy up names then resell them at exorbitant prices. GoDaddy.com is the household name (most commonly used) when it comes to searching for, buying and maintaining domain names. For example, I recently purchased the domain name, bookmarks4techs.com, from GoDaddy, for another sideline site that I maintain.

If you are in the market for claiming your own domain name, you can use GoDaddy to search for names; however, there is a much better and refined way, called Tekiki, to brainstorm, search and nail down that perfect domain name.


What Tekiki does is help you brainstorm by using a concept (or general notion). For example, when I was searching for a name for my site, using GoDaddy, I basically when into a guessing mode to try and come up with an unique name. You have no idea how many times I would arrive at a name, to only find it had been taken. If I would have had Tekiki, I simply would have inputted my concept term, such as the word “Tech” into the tekiki search box. Of course tech.com is going to be shown as already being taken, but Tekiki pushes the envelope further by providing an option to search for alternative names. In the end, Tekiki will help put your mind in another dimension that will help you find that perfect domain name.


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One thought on “A Solution to Finding the Perfect Domain Name

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  1. It really has become true, hasn’t it? If you can think of it –> it’s already online.

    Thanks for the share. Not something I’ll use everyday, but good to know it’s there.


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