Learn to Blog with Windows Live Writer 2011

 If you are a blogger, it is important to have  installed a good client software platform to draft your blog articles so that the articles really stand out and look professional. The online editors provided by the blogging services such as  WordPress, Blogger, TypePad and LiveJournal are OK (in a pinch); however, they are no match when it comes to using blogging software that you install on your PC. In my humble opinion, the top dog out there in this category is Windows Live Writer (FREE from Microsoft). As a matter of fact, if my memory serves me, TechPaul at Tech-for Everyone put me onto Windows Live Writer, early on, when I became active in the blogging circuit. To put it simply, I would not blog without it.

Windows Live Writer

Most recently Microsoft released a more refined (and much improved) version of Windows Live Writer called Windows Live Writer 2011 which looks very similar to something you would see in the newer versions of Microsoft Office (ribbon toolbar interface and all).  In a nutshell Windows Live Writer 2011 is a full scale editor designed specifically for bloggers.

Ribbion Interface

To use Windows Live Writer, assuming you already have an account setup with one of the blogging services and your blog template is already setup online, you simply start by running the Windows Live Writer software. The first time you run it you will be prompted to add your blog account information such as username and password. After you have accomplished that small task, Windows Live Writer will automatically log into your online account and will identify and subsequently setup the editor to match your online web page template.

The whole purpose of Windows Live Writer 2011 is to give you the ability to draft your articles on your computer, then the ability to upload the drafts to your online account. There is so much more that you can do with Windows Live Writer compared to the online editors.  If you are a serious blogger, and want to make blogging a joyful experience, then this is one application that you must have.

To read and learn more about Windows Live Writer 2011, [ click here ] .


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7 thoughts on “Learn to Blog with Windows Live Writer 2011

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  1. Rick,

    You’re right, WLW is a terrific application. I particularly like the ribbon since I uses Office 2010. But overall, I can’t agree that Version 2011 is an improvement.

    As I see it, this is a dumbed down release, with slightly less overall functionality for experienced users than previous versions.



  2. Bill,

    I have to agree somewhat… I’ve only completed several posts with it thus far and initially was I going, what the ???? In my opinion, was an unexpected change; however, it is growing on me.

    Always glad to see you here…



  3. I’ve installed, but haven’t yet used, WLW 2011. As a rule, I don’t use visual editors because the HTML code they generate is so badly formatted that adding HTML coding that the visual editor couldn’t do is difficult without first reformatting what is already there.

    I did a simple post, that required no added coding, in the previous version of WLW. I really liked the way it turned out. Hopefully the 2011 version will be easier to work with.


  4. You read my mind again Rick. Just a few minutes ago, I was deciding hard If I’ll use WLV and now you convince me.
    But is there a possibility that our drafts could be stolen easier in WLV since it’s live?


    1. Pochp,

      Your drafts are composed on your PC using Windows Live Writer and then conveniently uploaded to your blogging service. For example, I will draft and article using WLW then click on “Post Draft to Blog”. It’s that easy… Microsoft, developers of WLW, does not store your drafts or post them anywhere else.

      Hope that helps…



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