Improve Your Browsing Experience with Speedtile

Most of the popular web browsers out there today give us the ability to setup a homepage that will tile our favorites sites into an interface (of web page thumbnails) that is commonly called a speed dial. Typically, this interface can be setup, depending on the browser, as a browser option, addon or extension. The beauty of this interface is that once your homepage loads you can quickly go to your most frequently visited sites by visually selecting one of the thumbnails. The speed dial interfaces are completely customizable and defintiely will make your internet browsing experience more efficient.

Typically, once you set up your speed dial, the data is stored on your computer; BUT, what if you want the same interface (you created) on another computer (for example at work)? The closest solution that I found, to make this happen with minimal fuss, is with an online service called Speedtile. With Speedtile you can access your speed dial anywhere there is internet access.


Speedtile requires you to setup up an account (which is FREE) where a login is required to get to your very own online speed dial interface. It is very simple to create your individual tiles by adding your favorite sites (or URL’s). Once you enter the web address of the site, a mini version of the site will magically appear (called a tile). You can even add categories.


See the What’s On My PC blogroll on Speedtile

With Speedtile you can share your bookmarks with others. For example, and this is very cool; I took all the sites on my blogroll and created a public Speedtile site. If you would like to see what a speed dial looks like, consisting of links from the What’s on My PC blogroll, then [ CLICK HERE ].


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2 thoughts on “Improve Your Browsing Experience with Speedtile

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  1. I’ve heard of things like this before, and thought that I wouldn’t have much use for it. But the setup you did with your blogroll has changed my mind. That was really awesome! Thanks Rick.


    1. Mak,

      I actually put that together to demonstrate how Speedtile works; plus, I can easily jump around on the blogroll now to read the latest (and greatest). So far I am really enjoying Speedtile and it is really growing on me. I just hope it is not one of these online services that ends up vaporizing.



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