Bet You Did Not Know About Google’s Dashboard

Steve over at Scoronococlo has done it again! When it comes to blogging, Steve is focused on quality of content and not quantity. This go round, Steve informed me that he drafted an article about a relatively unknown component of Google, called Google Dashboard . The article is titled, “Google Dashboard – How Much Does Google Know About You? “. To be honest with you, I have heard of the Google Dashboard, but I never really explored it; until now.

Google's Dashboard

The dashboard component of Google’s service, that Steve refers to, is available to anyone that has an account with Google. In other words, if you have a Gmail account you can get to your personal dashboard.

What is so special about Google Dashboard? Well, as Steve phrases it:

“Google Dashboard can help you to understand how much of your personal information is being stored on Google’s servers.” .

In a nutshell, the dashboard is a summary of what information you are actually sharing with Google and the stats for the various Google accounts you maintain. Now, for the grand finale, [ CLICK HERE ] to find out how you can access this dashboard and give Steve a great round of applause.


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5 thoughts on “Bet You Did Not Know About Google’s Dashboard

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  1. Rick,
    Great tip! I’d not checked the dashboard to see what was stored/shared for me (my bad), but thankfully it didn’t look too bad.
    You and your blog are a real service to all of us. Thanks.


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