Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#82)

If your passion is for computers and information technology, then the sites featured each week in Geek Squeaks’ is the places to satsify that passion. The articles reflected below are provided by the members of the What’s On My PC blogroll and are articles that have been posted in the past week.

Geek Squeaks

Tied Up in the World Wide Web
Internet, how do I love thee?

Awesome Wallpapers
Space/Fantasy Wallpaper Set 38

My Technology Guide
Crave World Clock:
Display Current Time Of Major Cities
On Your Desktop [Giveaway]

TTC Shelbyville
5 indispensable IT skills of the future

404 Tech Support
WSJ Catches Facebook Apps Sharing Identifying Info
With Advertisers; Is There A Story

I Want Ice Water
Stimulating the Economy (via Sargastic Irrevalence)

How To Measure Your Popularity on Facebook ?

I Love Free Software
Create Free Photo Gallery Online: Min.Us

Netbook Freeware
SuperbarMonitor: Freeware For Monitoring Battery, CPU, Disk And Memory Status Of Your Netbook

Worthy Tips
3TB Internal Hard Drives From WD And Seagate Coming Soon

MSI Announced FX700 and FR700 Multimedia Laptops

Online Storage Reviews
Onsite vs. Offsite Data Storage

Malware Removal Instructions
How to remove ThinkPoint (Uninstall Guide)

Chicago Mac/PC Support
Two ways to create Mac installation packages

AT&T Stores Getting iPad on October 28th

Free PC Security
Malicious Sites October 19

Tech-for Everyone
Step-by-Step Security Tutorial – Internet Explorer – massive similar software directory

Avoid “Everything Buckets,”
aka Why I Can’t Get Into Apps Like Evernote

TuneUp Blog about Windows
Windows Styling Tips

Technogran’s Tittle Tattle
Spaces to WordPress step by step. Using Live Writer with WordPress

Paul’s Home Computing Blog
Internet Security Tip: Lock Your Doors! By Disabling Java Plug-in

Laptop Reviews
Asus releases 1015PN netbook on Amazon

Freeware TSR Watermark Image Protects Your Images

Carol’s Vault
Free Studio all-in-one YouTube , video and audio app collection

Faster PC! Clean! Clean!
How to Remove Pushbot

Plato On-Line
Facebook Impersonation: Easy

Bill Mullins’ Weblog – Tech Thoughts
Crime And Punishment In The Internet Age

thePC Security
Free DVD Ripper for iPhone, iPad, iPod – Free Licence Keys

New Payment Options are Now available on eBay India!

Canadian Tech Blogger
Google Makes $2 Billion In 3Q

Featured Site – Gear Log

What’s On My PC
The What’s On My PC Blogroll on Speedtile


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8 thoughts on “Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#82)

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  1. No need to check my watch – I can see from Geek Squeaks’ that it’s Wednesday.

    As always, I’m honored to be part of the great effort and hard work, that you put into this.

    Thanks Rick.



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