A FREE, Portable, Simple and Easy Notes Program with Online Syncing

If you are a flash drive junkie and carry your computer programs on a stick, then I am going to point you in the direction to a very simple note keeping program that you can carry on that stick (your flash drive) , called ResophNotes .


What makes ResophNotes standout from the rest of the pack is that it serves as a client note keeping program that will sync with the online note keeping service called Simplenote. The advantage to this is that not only will your notes be available to you on your flash drive; they will also be available to you anywhere there is internet access. If you compose or update a note online (using Simplenote), the note will then be in sync with your flash drive version of ResophNotes and vice versa.


To get started, go to Simplenoteapp.com and sign up for an account (it is FREE).


After you have your online account setup, go to the ResophNotes site [HERE] and download/install the portable version of ResophNotes to your flash drive. After launching ResophNotes you will go into the configuration settings to enter your SimpleNote account information. Other options are available in the settings to auto or manual sync your notes, as well. Once you complete those couple of steps, you are good to go.

Neither of these programs are a ramped up program like Evernote; however, if you are looking for a basic notekeeping option with portable app capability and online syncing that is stinking fast, then this pairing (ResophNotes and Simplenote) is a good option.


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