A Fun and Animated Program Launcher

I have always had an interest in finding ways to make navigating the computer easier. As a result of that interest I became a fan, and expert of sorts, of menus and program launchers. From the early days of MS-DOS, there is probably not one that I have not tested or tried.

Even when computers was my full time job, I would customize (and standardize) the Windows Start Menu to make launching applications an easy task for the end-user. The advantage to this was that it kept the sticky fingers of the end user out of many areas of the computer, plus it made my job easier when it came to maintaining numerous systems. Many system admins, very seldom, will go to that trouble.

Today, when customizing the appearance of my computers, my goal is to find ways to avoid the Windows Start Menu altogether, by using  third party program launchers. Of  all of the program launchers I have tried and tested, I keep going back to one. That “one”, is the very popular Stardock’s Objectdock.


If you are into customizing the look of your computer and want to making getting to your most used programs easier, then ObjectDock is the way to go. ObjectDock is a featured enriched dock type program launcher that can be made to look 3D, with mirroring and translucent effects; AND, with numerous themes to select from. Version 2.0 of ObjectDock was recently released and it is awesome. There is a FREE version and a paid version available.


With the FREE version [ CLICK HERE ], you can:

  • Put shortcuts on your dock
  • Display running applications on your dock
  • Put docklets on your dock
  • Icons zoom on mouse-over
  • Optional swinging icons on mouse-over
  • Skinnable backgrounds with reflections
  • Change the appearance of the icons of running tasks and shortcuts
  • Position dock on any edge of the screen
  • Optionally hide Windows taskbar
  • Optionally represent running programs by snapshot of their window
  • Ability to autohide dock for maximized applications


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