An Extremely Simple and Fully Customizable Launcher for Windows

When I get on a kick for something I seem to always stick with it for awhile. Here of late I have been kicking around and testing program launchers. My most recent article, ‘A Fun and Animated Program Launcher’ is just an example of myself feeding my obsession for these types of applications. Today I spent some time revisiting one of my favorites, called MouseExtender.


The last time I reviewed MouseExtender (over a year ago) it was in the early stages of development. Since that review, MouseExtender has matured quite nicely and it is nice to see this application moving forward in its’ development. As a matter of fact, I was so impressed I continued working with it, completely customizing it for my personal use; and, decided to make it my main program launcher on my PC. You can setup MouseExtender to launch just about anything, from software applications to web sites. Once you start using it, the Windows Start Menu becomes a thing of the past.

Below is a sampling of my creation, complete with (7)-seven categories, that lead me to the programs that I mainly use.


I think the main thing I like about MouseExtender over many of the other launchers I have tested, is that you can assign a hotkey, in combination with a mouse button, to unhide or hide the MouseExtender interface. When you use the hotkey combination, MouseExtender will show itself wherever your mouse pointer is positioned. In my case I took this even further.  I have a Logitech Mouse with additional side buttons where you can assign key combinations to the buttons. I can now toggle MouseExtender on and off via one of the side buttons. In essence I can rapidly pull up the MouseExtender menu and launch an application wherever the mouse pointer is located.

Since my last review of MouseExtender, some fine tuning has occurred that makes this application a top contender in program launchers. The feature list reflected below was copied directly from the developer’s website. You can click on any of the links to get further information and more insight on how MouseExtender functions.

Now that I am locked into using MouseExtender, and convinced that there will be continued development, I will be heading to the developer’s main website [ HERE ] and will also be visiting their coding website [ HERE ] .


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