The Popular Service is Going South

A couple of things I have learned about some of the online (cloud based) services is that; 1) Do not get too comfortable with them and 2) Do not put all your eggs in one basket. Many of these services, such as online file storage and sharing sites, are here one day and gone the next.  An example of what I am talking about is the very popular service, is (and soon will be “was”) one of those online services that allowed users to create, what was called a “drop”,  to store various types of data and share that data with others. is (and soon will be “was”) one of my favorite online services to share photos and files with others.

Per the blog, the owners of have struck a deal with Facebook. In the coming weeks, the service will be winding down (by Dec 15th) . In other words, will become non-existent and if you currently have a data stored online with (that is important to you) I suggest you either download or delete it.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be winding down the service. As of this week, people will no longer be able to create new free drops, but you’ll be able to download content from existing drops until Dec. 15. Paid user accounts will still be available through Dec. 15 and paid users will be able to continue using the service normally.  After Dec. 15, paid accounts will be discontinued as well.

Please download your information before Dec. 15 – we plan to delete it after that time. No user data or content will be transferred to Facebook, and we’ll send out e-mails to everyone to remind them about the service closing.



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5 thoughts on “The Popular Service is Going South

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  1. It’s interesting to hear a tone of regret that was bought out. I was in the beta but dropped it like a rock when it went final and wanted to charge.

    In this startup culture much of Silicon Valley is in, companies are started and hopefully sold. If they’re not sold, then they just drag on until they finally get the axe. Some companies (and more importantly the ideas behind them) are strong enough to continue and not get bought out by Facebook, Google, Adobe, or Microsoft. I think the problem is that people are running “startups” not “businesses”.

    The amount it was acquire for was not disclosed. didn’t succeed in raising its last round of funding, or so I read, so that may have been what led to its being acquired. Either way, I doubt we’ll hear regrets from those inside the company that got a nice sack of cash as a result of the acquisition.


    1. Jason,

      Very well put… I think you hit the nail square on the head when you said, “people are running “startups”, not businesses”. If we look at it in this perspective, we may think twice about what, how much and where we are parking our data.

      Thank you for such a well thought out comment.



  2. Unless you have got a premium account over these Cloud based services, your data is safe to some extent

    These services usually throws Free Accounts and their data anytime they want. Especially when they are unable to afford Server/Bandwidth Charges for TOO many accounts

    For me, my important data resides on my Computer HDD or in External Storage Devices 🙂


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