What My Years In Tech Has Taught Me

I started working with computers in a time before there was such a term called “information technology”. It was a time before Microsoft Windows, a time when certifications was not heard of and a time before, what we consider to be, the internet of today. The blessing in all of this is that I had the opportunity to let technology teach me.

During those years I worked at a State government agency and had no training whatsoever in computer technology. As a matter of fact my job had nothing to do with computers whatsoever. It all got started at home with an Apple IIc and at work with an IBM PS/2. As a result, I found myself filling the shoes of a computer information specialist at the same State agency where I planned and managed a network in a campus style setting consisting of ten buildings. All along the way I let technology teach me.

My years in Tech taught me discipline, to be patient, to teach and share with others what I was learning, how to be innovative in streamlining business processes, to become a business administrator, to be always organized, to be a gatekeeper and protector (of data), and to be always current with what technology was out there.

Today, as a retiree, my love for technology is still there. It is the one reason that I enjoy blogging about computers, software and information technology.

I would be interested in hearing comments from other techs on “what tech has taught you”…  You can leave comments below.

NOTE: This article was posted as a result of a wager with TechPaul at Tech-for Everyone.  Deal was, if Texas won the World Series TechPaul had to write the article and if San Francisco won the World Series I (Ramblinrick) had to write the article.  Congratulations to TechPaul!

Addendum (11/02/2010): Following the completion of this article, TechPaul at Tech-for Everyone followed up with a similar article,

The Unintended Consequences of Gambling – You Win’.

I encourage you to read this article to learn about the history of TechPaul.  As he is always telling me, “You’re a good man Charlie Brown”…

Addendum (11/05/2010): As a result of this article, Steve over at TTC Shelbyville composed an article titled,

“Every Tech Has A Story”

His article shows tribute to those who grew up in the age of computers and explains his background as well.  Steve is the lead Computer Information Technology Instructor at TTC Shelbyville (Tennessee Technology Center at Shelbyville) and it has been a real honor to be associated with him. As Steve puts it, “ In today’s world, the new guys will be old guys quick…”. How true that is!

If you are a young (and even old) and have that burning  desire to learn tech, Tennessee Technology Center is where to start.


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11 thoughts on “What My Years In Tech Has Taught Me

Add yours

  1. Rick,
    You pretty much watched it all happen, and stood right in the middle of the stream as it did. Quite a difference – then and now – not just in the machines, but who’s using them.


  2. TechPaul,

    My years in tech taught me alot; BUT, I do not know it all. It is folks like you that I hang onto to help get answers. I thank you for this friendly wager… It made the series an interesting one for me.



    1. Rick,
      You are most kind.. as always.

      As for your question: I agree; there’s no way to know it all. And one of the things “tech has taught me” is — I need to be constantly learning; making a real, dedicated effort to ‘keep up’ with the ever-changing technologies (and Moore’s Law). Your writings help me do that in a fun and friendly way – thank you!


  3. I guess I look at technology in much the way I look at everything – as if it were a mathematical equation that needs to be solved. I can’t go a week without something happening that needs a solution. Technology is food for my incessant starvation for knowledge.

    It just works simply isn’t good enough. I want to know why it works and how it works.

    That and I’ve become increasingly effective at being an introvert lol


    1. G,

      Great mini-synopsis of your tech profile… I think I am more of a tester than a problem solver; however, when I was working in the capacity that I did, I enjoyed finding ways to make the business processes more streamlined and easier for the end user.



  4. My congratulations to both teams for achieving what few have been able to do in the far too entrenched “Yankee” era. Just wished it had been a better, more enjoyable series.
    An to both of you, having grown up in that same TRS-80, Apple xe, 8088/86, 286, DOS, etc. age and letting the knowledge come to me, while teaching other. I celebrate our achievements.
    I’m often asked if I have an A+ cert… to which my reply is always… I could have written the exam… and re-written it… and re-written it as it as the industry matured.
    With exception to the comment “always current with what technology was out there”, I concur 1000% with what you have written here. The industry is just too vast for any one individual to grasp… I think I penned that 10 or 15 years ago.
    As we have discussed before, I feel sorry for those who are just learning our trade and have missed the formative years mentioned herein.
    I’m also entertaining retirement, but will never retire the years and years of knowledge that I have garnered, as both of you have. What a joy it is to share those years of knowledge…
    Blessing, yout friend…


  5. Rob,

    Thank you for such an uplifting response. Who are you? Seems like you may be very versed in IT and computers.

    Entertaining retirement… I was able, through careful planning, to jump ship at a young age. I still work part time for the State (but not in computers).

    Again, thank you!



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