Random mp3 player (automatic) with music selector (DJ mode)

When it comes to software I prefer what is called the K.I.S.S. prinicple.

KISS is an acronym for the design principle “Keep it simple, Stupid!“.[1] Other variations include “keep it short and simple[2] or “keep it simple and straightforward“.[3] The KISS principle states that simplicity should be a key goal in design, and that unnecessary complexity should be avoided. – Wikipedia

An example of where the K.I.S.S. principle has been applied in a software design is the mp3 (and wma) player called ARMP 2011 – A Random Music Player. It is nothing pretty to look at, but if you want simplicity that gets the job done, ARMP 2011 is a winner.

ARMP 2011

Most players, to the everyday computer user can be quite confusing to use and hard to navigate. Often the user has to create and maintain playlists and tags to play their music.  With ARMP 2011 you simply select the folder where your music is located and ARMP 2011 will automatically generate a list of the music that is in the folder and will randomly start playing the music.  At anytime, you can click on any selection in the list and ARMP 2011 will jump immediately to that selection (just like a DJ). ARMP 2011 will remember the folder you selected each time you use it and the folder selection can be easily changed. I currently use this app on my media center setup, in my living rm, that I currently working on.


  • Also works in USB drives
  • Uses few system resources, Easy to use
  • Music non stop, computer plays new songs randomly
  • At any time you can play a song you like by clicking it on mp3 list, be the DJ
  • You can pause or repeat a song using buttons
  • Track and volume control
  • You can set it not to repeat songs at random play mode
  • Plays mp3 and wma
  • Doesn’t stop when playing corrupted song files


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